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Custom Letterman Jackets made in the Inland Empire

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The Letterman Jacket – American as hot dogs and apple pie. Student Athletes have used this iconic cloak to show the world their accolades, their history, and their school pride. Psst. Do you want to know a secret? We’re not just selling you a letterman jacket. This tremendous tunic is also a time machine. When you slip it on 25, 30, or 50 years from now, you’ll be transported back in time. The memories will come flooding in so thick, you’ll need boots to wade through them all. Get your keepsake of the glory days of youth.

Our staff has over 100 combined years of experience of decorating this showcase of your talents. Let us help you design and conquer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most jackets take between 6-8 weeks for completion. 8-10 weeks between November-January. This is a custom made product specifically for you, quality takes time.
Great thing about letterman jackets- the style is timeless. If you have a picture of a jacket, or just an inkling in your mind about what you want it to look like, we can help you.
Okay. So, let’s be honest, an iconic piece of your wardrobe that doubles as a time machine isn’t cheap, but we’re not asking for your firstborn child. Average cost of a new jacket with decoration is about $400. Why do we say “about”? Customization. Your jacket is JUST. FOR. YOU. The patches you earned, the sports you played, and clubs you were in are different than anyone else.
Yes! We ask for a deposit of $150, with the balance due on delivery.
The workmanship on our jackets is guaranteed for life. Bring it back, and we’ll get it repaired for you.
Bring it back and we will get them sewn on for you. One great feature about our jackets that not everyone has- zip-down lining. We can unzip, sew on your patch, rezip it and it will look like it was always like that.
We won’t hold it against you. Bring it in and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Any school! Bring a picture, a drawing or just an idea and we can match it – any school, from any where, from any time. Schools that we regularly produce jackets for are:

A.B. Miller High School – Fontana

Alta Loma High School – Rancho Cucamonga

Apple Valley High School – Apple Valley

Arlington High School – Riverside

Arrowhead Christian Academy – Redlands

Arroyo Valley High School – San Bernardino

Aquinas High School – San Bernardino

Banning High School – Banning

Beaumont High School – Beaumont

Bloomington High School – Bloomington

Cajon High School – San Bernardino

Carter High School – Rialto

Citrus Hill High School – Riverside

Citrus Valley High School – Redlands

Colton High School – Colton

Eisenhower High School – Rialto

Eleanor Rooselvelt High School – Corona

Etiwanda High School – Ontario

Fontana High School – Fontana

Grand Terrace High School – Grand Terrace

Hesperia High School – Hesperia

Indian Spring High School – San Bernardino

Jurupa Hills High School – Fontana

JW North High School – Riverside

Kaiser High School – Fontana

Lake Arrowhead Christian – Lake Arrowhead

Loma Linda Academy – Loma Linda

Los Osos High School – Rancho Cucamonga

Moreno Valley High School – Moreno Valley

Notre Dame High School – Riverside

Pacific High School – San Bernardino

Packinghouse Academy – Redlands

Patriot High School – Riverside

Public Safety Academy – San Bernardino

Ramona High School – Riverside

Rancho Cucamonga High School – Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Verde High School – Moreno Valley

Riverside Polytechnic High School – Riverside

Redlands High School – Redlands

Redlands East Valley High School – Redlands

Rialto High School – Rialto

Rim of the World High School – Crestline/Rim Forest

Rubidoux High School – Rubidoux

San Bernardino High School – San Bernardino

San Gorgonio High School – San Bernardino

Silverado High School – Victorville

Serrano High School – Phelan

Sultana High School – Hesperia

Summit High School – Fontana

Yucaipa High School – Yucaipa

Yucca Valley High School – Yucca Valley


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